This is the inspiration mood-board for Carovan: the northern European beachwear design house.

This site is about migrating ideas, design inspirations, interesting people & their style plus some icons of the free spirited.

FA 'creative' Qs:

Origin of brand name:
A company of travelers journeying together.
Moving ahead in more or less regular formation.
Change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically.
Origin: 1590–1600; earlier carovan < Italian carovana < Persian kārwān
Synonyms; parade, procession, train, cavalcade, band.

Origin of 'bee' icon:
Bee: hive, swarm, sharing, gather, progress together.
Migrating, pollinating, foraging, roving.
Creators, creative, social, community gathering.
Summer: the period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline: the summer of life.
"Arduus ad solem", meaning "striving towards the sun"
"Concilio et Labore", translated as "by wisdom and effort"
Inspired by 'What to look for in summer' album artwork issued in 1981 by Scritti Politti ( courtesy of Rough Trade Records)

Origin of brand font:
Font especially created by the CAROVAN Concept Director and a creative contributor: Mark Ashcroft of 88 Electrik.

Creative contributions:
CAROVAN is a collective so we are open to all creative approaches in product design, pattern cutting, material ideation, models, photographers, web developers, coders and general 'out of the blue' idea shares.

* In the spirit of Tumblr we do not own any of these images so please contact us if our mood boards present you with a problem. We are happy to acquiesce...